Tui Blue For Two 2023 Adult Only Hotels & Holidays

The Tui Blue For Two 2023 brochure is a collection of adult only hotels offering a more adult holiday experience. Formerly known as Tui Couples & Tui Sensimar the names were changed as the majority of holidaymakers were made up of older families and groups of friends as well as couples.

We are waiting for the new Tui 2023 Holidays information to update this site. Things are still uncertain right now due to the pandemic. Once we have the latest information this site will be updated. Until them please sign up for our 2023 holidays newsletter and we will email you when we get more details on the 2023 holidays

The new name now reflects these adult only holidays which are designed to help you have aTui Blue For Two more relaxing holiday experience with the option to join in one of the wellbeing activities if you want. The Blue For Two hotels are located in great locations yet still focus on offering holidaymakers peace and quiet during their stay. Tui Holidays will not accept reservations from any family or group that includes children aged 16 or less.

For families Tui Holidays have alternative holidays such as their Tui Blue For Families holidays. So if you want a child free environment in a 4 or a 5T rated hotel the Tui Tui Blue For Two could be the ideal option for you. There are Tui Blue For Two hotels in Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Spain and many other popular holiday destinations giving you a great selection of options to choose from. Some hotels may still show as Sensimar properties until they have been changed to Tui Blue For Two.

Tui Blue For Two Holidays

Tui Blue For Two holidays Collection is based around five main principles.

  • Peace and Quiet – Chill out at the pool and low key entertainment.
  • World Class Spa – Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment, whirlpool or relaxing sauna
  • Locations – Beachfront locations or amazing views are a must
  • Food – Dining options and variety are the key with buffet restaurants, local cuisine and a la carte options
  • Adult Environment – For all types of people (just not children) its not just couples so expect groups of friends as well

Some of the Blue For Two hotels offer

Free-Wifi – Let your friends back home know how much you are enjoying your holiday
Water Based activities – Try kitesurfing, snorkelling and more
Activities – Bike hire, golf, tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, yoga, table tennis, crossbow, dance lessons, football and more.

Please check the description of the Tui Blue For Two hotel you are interested in as not all of the above features or activities are available in all of the hotels. If you look at the hotel and Tui Blue For Two holiday description of each hotel you will find out what is available and included in the cost of your holiday. Make sure you only do this on the official Tui Holidays website if you are booking with them which you will be if you want a Tui Blue For Two holiday!

Booking A Tui Tui Blue For Two Blue For Two Holiday

The easiest way to book and check availability of any Tui Tui Blue For Two holiday is direct on the Tui Holidays website. By doing this you will also get instant access to any on-line Tui discounts simply because you are on the Tui web site! Another advantage of booking Tuis direct is that if they have any special discount codes you could have a chance to save even more on your Tui Blue For Two holiday. When available Tui clearly display their discount codes as they do actually want you to use them. Sometimes the discount codes are only applicable to certain holiday destinations however most of the time they are off all holidays and destinations. Yet another advantage of booking direct is the Tui low deposit offer where you will be able to book your Tui Blue For Two holiday and lock in any holiday discounts without having to pay out a fortune. There really is no reason to book elsewhere, it's easy to book on-line and you can do it on a computer, tablet and even your phone.

To find your perfect Tui Tui Blue For Two holiday simply go to the main page and enter the basic search details as requested. You can enter up to ten possible departure airports and then enter the destination or destinations you are interested in. In the destination you can also add to the search ‘Tui Blue For Two' which will then only display Tui Blue For Two holidays in the search results. After that enter the departure date and duration followed by the number of adults travelling. After that you will get a list of possible holiday options which you can then further reduce by using the filters to show results that include options you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for a Tui Tui Blue For Two all inclusive holiday and you can easily select all inclusive adult only hotels or ones with a gym, free wi-fi, tennis, spa etc or a combination of these. You can add or delete the search as you go depending on the results or what holiday components are important to you.

Tui Blue For Two Late Deals & Last Minute Offers

Will there be Tui Tui Blue For Two late deals or last minute offers? Probably as it is unlikely that all the holidays will sell out at the brochure launch period or the peak booking periods just after Christmas and New Year in January and February. Some flights from some airports will be busier than others as will certain hotels on certain dates. The price for a late deal will depend on the basic principle of supply and demand. If the demand is high and the Tui Blue For Two last minute availability is low then the prices will remain high. This will also operate in reverse so if you can avoid the school holiday dates this will help. Despite the fact that the Tui Tui Blue For Two hotels are adult only during the school holiday dates the flights do sell well on other Tui holiday collections such as the Tui Family Life range for families as well as the more luxurious holidays in the Sensatori and Premium ranges. There is also a full range of value for money budget holidays with Tui Skytours holidays plus on certain flight routes there are also Tui cruises. For anyone who is just looking for a holiday as they could not previously arrange their time off due to work or other commitments, follow the search procedure as show above as this will show you what Tui Blue For Two holiday options are available even during the late booking period plus any discounts you will be getting.

Tui Gold Holidays 2023  – Adult Holidays

Tui holidays also have other adult holidays through their Tui Gold holidays brochure. These holidays are aimed at offering a more classic holiday experience. The accommodation is of a good standard (rated 4T and above) and offers a different adult only holiday experience than the one you would get through Tui Tui Blue For Two. Each of the Tui Gold hotels have all passed a 200 point check-list before they are included in the Tui Gold collection.

Tui Blue For Two Holidays – Before You Book you Holiday

As with all holidays we always advise that you double check the holiday details in the applicable Tui holidays brochure or preferably on the Tui Holidays website. Each of the Tui Tui Blue For Two hotels offer different features and options, the hotels are not all the same! The Tui brochure can't obviously be updated as easily as the web site so it is best to go on-line. By checking what facilities and all aspects of what is included you know what to expect when you get to your hotel. It is important that you only do this on the Tui holidays official website if you are booking your holiday with them. Other web sites including the hotel's own website may offer different features or not include some if you are going on a Tui holiday you must check and see what is included by checking their web site and it's always best to do this before you book to again avoid any issues at a later date > click here